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Palestine, TX   Address

Palestine is the home of the Dogwood Trails & has the largest number of historic structures in the state of Texas. Founded in 1846, Palestines retail shops were built around the picturesque Courthouse Square and in the area affectionately called Old Town. When the railroad tracks made their way through town, restaurants, hotels and retail shops gradually migrated to what is now Downtown. The Main Street Historical District has seen everything from horse and buggies to modern automobiles. Beginning at the Anderson County Courthouse and ending at the Palestine Visitor Center, Main Street District is roughly 44 blocks of historical buildings that are home to a variety of retail shops, restaurants and business offices. Such businesses as Eilenbergers Bakery, The Texas Theatre, The Redlands Hotel and Sacred Heart Catholic Church continue functioning much as they were in the 1800-1900s. Others boast the historical architecture with new businesses inside, such as the Chamber of Commerce Office building that was once a shoe and boot store or a pie bakery that was once a livery stable. The charm and character of original Palestine remains with historic preservation a key component of its future! Palestine is also home to Trinity Valley Community College.
901 N Mallard
Palestine, Texas 75801 United States

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